The B.L.I.S.S. Fuengirola Goes To Visit A Farm

A few days back we were invited to meet a local farmer, who is interested to give his land for the purpose of developing a self-sufficient spiritual community. 40 years ago, he was given a copy of a Krsna consciousness magazine by the devotees he met in Madrid at that time. He still has the magazine and even remember some of its content. He was genuinely attracted to the devotees of Krsna and their philosophy. After a short introduction, he gave us a tour of the land and showed us many fruit trees he has, the watering system, the unfinished building structure, the cute goats, which are his farm animals.

The land is about 5 hectars big and is situated in a little village close to Cordoba city.

After the tour, the devotees asked him about his particular desire in regards to the usage of the land and how he envisions our cooperation. We also explained how our Krsna consciousness society works and he was very pleased to hear that we would very much appreciate his kind guidance and help regarding the agriculture provided we decided to take up this project. After all, he showed us how many nice fruits and vegetables he has been growing including seedless grapes, plums, pomegrantes, almonds, tomatos, cucumbers. Later on, we drove to his second property where he showed us a building structure that could serve as a temple, which he himself built. We would like to expand our preaching to a farm project where devotees from all around the world could come and live a healthy life, cultivating land and producing a good amount of vegetables, beans, flowers and fruits, outside of the crazy big cities while practicing Krishna consciousness with other like-minded devotees. Please contact us if you are interested to take part in this project. We need many devotees to come and help. Hare Krishna!

Srila Prabhupada says:

Now, our next program will be to organize farming land to set an example to the whole world how people can be peaceful, happy, and free from all anxieties simply by chanting Hare Krishna Maha-mantra and living an honorable life in Krishna Consciousness. In India especially people are religiously inclined. They like to live in village and also like to love Lord Rama, Lord Krishna. This idealism is running through their blood and veins. We have to organize their natural tendency and elevate them again back to Home, Back-to-Godhead. Please think over these points very seriously and as soon as I return we shall take up the program. My beloved sannyasi disciple Swami Pusta Krishna has promised to give me a car, and as soon as I get it I shall move from village to village along with some selected assistants and organize this farming village development program.
— Letter to: Kartikeya K. Mahadevia
Johannesburg 19 October 1975

Krishna Kishor Das is originally from México living in Spain where he is practicing bhakti-yoga under the guidance of his spiritual master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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