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It is easier to rise with an empty belly

How to Rise Early Tip

This is compulsory, early in the morning. What is the difficulty? You go. Of course one who is engaged extraordinarily, that is a different thing. Generally if you go to bed at ten you receive six hours sound sleep. More than sleeping six hours is a diseased condition. Six hours you can get up. Of course, those who cannot follow, that those who cannot rise in spite of going at ten to bed. Then he should not eat at night. Then he will be forced to get up. There is no difficulty. Don’t eat at night then he’ll be. So why not [indistinct] belly? Because it makes him a bit sleep more. So you do not overwork, then you will be able to rise early. This is easy.

(Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.7.29–30 – March 21, 1971, Bombay)

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