Be Krsna Conscious 24 hours a day.

After such speculation of many, many births when one is actually wise he surrenders to Krsna. And as soon as he surrenders to Krsna he becomes unaffected by the contamination of maya. This the process. Krsna-arpita mano. No, nothing to think except Krsna. We have got therefore so many engagements from morning, four o’clock upto 10 o’clock. Why so many engagements? Why not make here… Make… Make it a plan? That once in a week let us go and become Krsna conscious. No. You should become Krsna conscious 24 hours then it is possible that maya will not touch you. If you make it official programme, that all right along with other business I shall meditate upon Krsna for half an hour. 15 minutes. For that 15 minutes of course you are uncontaminated but if you, other 24 hours you engage then it is maya. Then what is it? If you burn a matchstick and pour upon it three gallons of water. Oh, how it will burn? [Laughter]. You see? It is useless. Waste of time. You must burn the stick, matchstick and get it more and more blazing. That should be your business. Not that I do it for a moment and pour water. This useless waste of time.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.16–19 December 11, 1970, Bombay

Offenseless Hearing

We have heard of offenseless chanting many times, but is there such a thing as offenseless hearing? Only if we hear properly, we can chant properly. Wouldn’t it be therefore proper to examine how to hear offenselessly?
Out of compassion for the conditioned souls, the great sage Srila Vyasadeva, who is the literary incarnation of the Lord, seeing the imminent coming of the age of Kali wrote down the Vedas. In this degraded age, people will have but short memories and limited brain power to understand spiritual topics and they are no longer spiritually inclined as it was in the previous ages of Satya, Treta and Dvapara. Thus the sage provided the eternal knowledge of the Absolute Truth in a written form for future reference.

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